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Your spaces speak volumes about your good taste. Each nook and corner has been designed with care. Every exquisite piece carefully chosen and thoughtfully placed. And complementing your refined aesthetics is PEEL Ply: plywood made from 100% pure Burmese Gurjan wood and manufactured using hydraulic treatment and pre-press technology.

Gurjan timber imported from Myanmar is reputed for its strength and durability. In fact, it compares favorably with teak in most strength categories and is actually 40% more resistant to shock loads. Its rich reddish-brown color and appearance make it a natural choice for versatile furnishing applications.

Why Choose Us?

  • No compromise on strength
  • No compromise on quality
  • No compromise on consistent thickness
  • No compromise on density
  • No compromise on ensuring that each piece of plywood in
    borer proof
  • No compromise on durability

Peel Ply

Our Products

Peel Ply

Plywood One of the greatest advantages of Plywood is its sheer versatility. Plywood from PEEL Ply lends itself to so many exciting applications from doors and panels to flooring and furniture! Made of thin strips of wood assembled in alternating directions and bonded with glue to form strong, stable sheets. Our Plywood is less prone to expansion and shrinkage. View more

Peel Ply

Block Boards It is believed that Egyptians used Block Boards to make furniture thousands of years ago! Today, Block Boards are the material of choice for doors, kitchen cabinets, shelves, long tables, settees, benches, partitions, bed frames and more. View more

Peel Ply

Flexi Ply Flexible Plywood - sometimes also known as bendable plywood - is constructed from several veneers all running in the same direction. This gives it unmatched flexibility and makes it the perfect choice for curved columns, arches and any residential and commercial furniture that is a departure from straight lines. View more

Peel Ply

Veneer Wood does not grow overnight. It needs a lot of time to become a mature tree from a frail plant. Our grandchildren will reap what we have sowed. As a family business we want to contribute to save the current quality of life and to guarantee the future. We stand for preserved handling of our natural resources. View more



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